Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long and Over Due

I know what you all are probably thinking that it's about dang time I updated my blog. To be honest I almost deleted it because I didn't think anyone read it until my sister kept pestering me to update it. So I guess there are one maybe two that read this thing. So here you go Lindsay here is my update LOL.
As far as my boring pathetic so called life it's ok. Kyson and I are doing great and he is getting so big. He can no longer be called a baby anymore because I've never heard any babies talk the way he does. He is so stinking smart that he is talking in sentences and suprises alot of people when he starts jabberin. He reminds me alot of Kelsey Kae when she was little. He is so active and loves being outside and so thankfully lately the weather has been beautiful because I've just let him go play out in the yard. It's funny because he now has a little farmer tan going on, on his arms and back of his neck. The outdoors is the place to be lately and lucky for me I'm also starting to get a little bit of a tan. It's funny when your co workers are telling you how tan your getting. Yeah for me.
As for my divorce with Rhett it's STILL NOT finalized. I'm getting so frustrated with this whole thing I am just ready to be down with it and with him *to a certain degree*. We would have been done with it if Rhett hadn't with held some paper work we were waiting on. So I blame Rhett for the hold up and apparently so does his and my Lawyers. Rhett's lawyer had to file a contempt of court on him because he could never get a hold of him and wouldn't hand over the needed papers. So hopefully my lawyer can get going on setting up a court date to finalize this stupid thing. Anyways that's about where I'm sitting with the divorce.
This past weekend Mom and I went down to the valley because she had to check on my uncle Darwin in the hospital down there. He's not doing all that great he's becoming very frustrated and tempered and doesn't know why all the things that are happening are happening to him. He keeps telling my mom how much he wants to go home. Unfortunatly that wont be for a while still. Poor Guy!
While mom was visiting Darwin; Lindsay, Anna and I went and visited Mema. Mom showed up later and then we all went out to lunch. We had a great time and lucky me I had my camera in my purse so guess what Yes I got pictures of all of us!
Easter was good we had to celebrate it on friday morning due to it being Rhett's weekend with Kyson so I had to make sure the Easter Bunny knew to come two days early! I'll post those pictures later I have to edit them so they'll fit on here.
But this is all I'm going to put on this post for now just so Lindsay will stop hounding me about it LOL I love you sissy!
Me and Mema

Me, Mom & Mema

Mom & Mema

Lindsay & Anna

Lindsay, Anna & Mema

Lindsay, Anna & Mom

Lindsay, Anna, Mom & Mesa

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Lovin!

This summer has gone by so quickly that I cant tell you what we've done. Kyson is still small in stature but his learning and vocabular is getting so much bigger. Kyson will be turning 2 on the 15th of this month and it just seems like it has gone by so stinking fast. He is such a joy to have and so smart. Most times he out smarts me when I think that he wont be able to get something but guess what he does. I've been trying to potty train him and for most the part he does pretty well. Other times he wont want anything to do with the big boy potty. Guess that all comes with the territory of trying to potty train a toddler.

Kyson can now tell me most of his animal sounds. Which is so cute and funny like I'll ask what a cow says and he'll tell me MOO it's so sweet to hear him saying things that we can actually understand. He can also name off all of Brian and Val's family, Greg, Christy (Crisry), Lindsay (inzy), Morgan (Mo) and Anna (Annana). Then of course there's Mama, Nana and Papa.

He loves to be chased and you can tell when he wants to be because he'll come up to you and say Mama Raar! This ends up with us chasing him around the house Raaring like a lion and saying I'm going to get you. He just laughs and giggles and it's so fun. At night when Papa gets home Kyson will go sit on the floor in front of the tv and pat his hand on the floor next to him and say Papa Papa. So Papa will get on the floor and play with him for a while. He sure does love his Nana and Papa.

Aunt Inzy,Uncle Mo and Anna came to visit us last weekend and oh Kyson loves Anna so much that he wanted to just be next to her the whole time they were here. He still doesn't understand that she's not old enough or big enough to play with yet but one day she will be. Kyson just loved to hold her with Mama's help and supervision he would just hug her and say awwww and give her kisses which he doesn't understand that he shouldn't kiss her on the mouth but he did because that's what we do with him when giving kisses.

He is growing up so fast that I'm afraid that if I'll blink he'll be grown up and moved out so I've learned to blink less (not really my eyes would dry up to much)and just enjoy the little things in life and spending time with my family.

I am now working for Sierra Blanca Rehibilitation Center in Lakeside. It's an elderly home and a rehab for those who need help getting back up and used to life with a new knee or hip. I really like it there and it pays alot better than the hospital so I'm ok with it. Other than that not to much is happening just still trying to get my divorce with Rhett over with and eventually it will happen and then I can put that part of my life behind me. I'm so much happier with myself and my life and because of it I have lost 20lbs and you can tell because my face isn't as fat anymore LOL.

So here are some pictures that don't really have anything to do with anything really but it's always fun to watch Kyson grow.

Playing outside and face planted it in the dirt.
Looks yummy doesn't it.

Nana stuffed, stuffed animals in Kyson's pj's. I called him my little smuggler.

Can we say Baby Got Back!


Roley Poley

Even his rolls are growing feet!

My little sunflower in the back yard. If anyone who knows me knows that I love sunflowers.

It's small but still so beautiful.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Fun

What an eventful summer we've had so far. Kyson has been swimming and playing out in the sprinklers a lot this year. He is such a water baby! I got pictures of him playing in his swimming pool that I bought thinking it would be big enough for him but when he lays down he takes it all up. Kyson has become such a big boy lately! He is picking up words left and right and is talking so much more and you can actually understand him. The past two day Kyson has come up to me and grabbed my hand and taken me to the bathroom to go poo poo as he puts it. So I put him on his little potty chair and guess what he goes potty on it. I'm just hoping he keeps it up and becomes potty trained soon so I wont have to buy anymore diapers. He is my biggie boy!
I've been playing softball with the relief society ladies in our ward and we were pretty good up til the end when we just started sucking bad. We played against Val's team (which she plays for the Calvary church) and I was playing catcher and she was running home well I tried to get her out and she slid into home. Well lets just say that Val's leg got torn up and really bruised. I felt horrible but not to horrible since I didn't get the out. Plus when she stopped sliding she was sitting on my bad foot so I got a little pain out of it.
Mom, Kyson and I went to the 24Th of July parade that we had here in Snowflake and it was a really good one. We had over 70 entries and we had some of our family members in it. Aaron road on the float with his graduating class of 91. Kelsey Call walked with the other Miss Navajo contestants. Whitnie was with the other Junior High Cheerleaders and was dancing and cheering. Shayann was with the High School Cheerleaders and doing the same. Shayann is a varsity cheerleader and is so happy about it. Drew road his unicycle and was just doing his thing. Later that day mom, Kyson and I went to the craft fair where there was a ton of vendors but nothing I couldn't live with out. We had a great day and wore out Kyson. Other than that we've had a fun summer so far and it'll only get better.

My handsome little boy that just loves to play with his matchbox cars.

My little guy loves his juice boxes.

Playing in the swimming pool mama bought for him.

Splish Splashin

He takes all of it up when laying down

Water baby

Having fun

I love this one. You probably cant see it but he's sticking out his tongue!

Lounging out in the pool


Happy Boy

Slipping and sliding

Running through the sprinkler

Cold water

Playing with his basketball

He sure does love his Papa

Oh how this little guy loves his corn.

Had to wash Kyson down after eating

His new ways of giving kisses. Eskimo kisses but where you cant get his face off yours.

He loves his Nana

Kyson and I playing Mario Cart.

Such a cutie


Playing with Shayann

Waiting for the parade to start.
Class of 1991
Aaron sitting on the float.
Kelsey Call such a pretty girl

Whitnie cheering with the Junior High Cheerleaders.

Shayann with the varsity cheerleaders

I loved her hair all crimpy!

Drew on his unicycle

Looks like he's going to fall!

Drew doing his thing!

Looks like he's holding a coffee cup
My tuckered out little boy after the parade.