Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Lovin!

This summer has gone by so quickly that I cant tell you what we've done. Kyson is still small in stature but his learning and vocabular is getting so much bigger. Kyson will be turning 2 on the 15th of this month and it just seems like it has gone by so stinking fast. He is such a joy to have and so smart. Most times he out smarts me when I think that he wont be able to get something but guess what he does. I've been trying to potty train him and for most the part he does pretty well. Other times he wont want anything to do with the big boy potty. Guess that all comes with the territory of trying to potty train a toddler.

Kyson can now tell me most of his animal sounds. Which is so cute and funny like I'll ask what a cow says and he'll tell me MOO it's so sweet to hear him saying things that we can actually understand. He can also name off all of Brian and Val's family, Greg, Christy (Crisry), Lindsay (inzy), Morgan (Mo) and Anna (Annana). Then of course there's Mama, Nana and Papa.

He loves to be chased and you can tell when he wants to be because he'll come up to you and say Mama Raar! This ends up with us chasing him around the house Raaring like a lion and saying I'm going to get you. He just laughs and giggles and it's so fun. At night when Papa gets home Kyson will go sit on the floor in front of the tv and pat his hand on the floor next to him and say Papa Papa. So Papa will get on the floor and play with him for a while. He sure does love his Nana and Papa.

Aunt Inzy,Uncle Mo and Anna came to visit us last weekend and oh Kyson loves Anna so much that he wanted to just be next to her the whole time they were here. He still doesn't understand that she's not old enough or big enough to play with yet but one day she will be. Kyson just loved to hold her with Mama's help and supervision he would just hug her and say awwww and give her kisses which he doesn't understand that he shouldn't kiss her on the mouth but he did because that's what we do with him when giving kisses.

He is growing up so fast that I'm afraid that if I'll blink he'll be grown up and moved out so I've learned to blink less (not really my eyes would dry up to much)and just enjoy the little things in life and spending time with my family.

I am now working for Sierra Blanca Rehibilitation Center in Lakeside. It's an elderly home and a rehab for those who need help getting back up and used to life with a new knee or hip. I really like it there and it pays alot better than the hospital so I'm ok with it. Other than that not to much is happening just still trying to get my divorce with Rhett over with and eventually it will happen and then I can put that part of my life behind me. I'm so much happier with myself and my life and because of it I have lost 20lbs and you can tell because my face isn't as fat anymore LOL.

So here are some pictures that don't really have anything to do with anything really but it's always fun to watch Kyson grow.

Playing outside and face planted it in the dirt.
Looks yummy doesn't it.

Nana stuffed, stuffed animals in Kyson's pj's. I called him my little smuggler.

Can we say Baby Got Back!


Roley Poley

Even his rolls are growing feet!

My little sunflower in the back yard. If anyone who knows me knows that I love sunflowers.

It's small but still so beautiful.


The Watkins said...

So fun, yes his is crazy and loud but he's a boy so what else would one expect! We had a great time up there and I loved and laughed every time he'd call Morgan "Mo". One day Anna will be big enough to play Kyson!!

John and Lucretia said...

Oh love that little man. You are such a good mom. I love you both